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OnTrack is the heart of the system in terms of visually following the herd and gather different intelligence. It is accessible through our web application for smartphones, tablet and computer.

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Track the herd remotely

Follow it's movements

With our app you can get a good understanding of where the herd is and also how it is moving. A movement indicator shows the direction a collars i tending to move in, and also indicates if there is low movement. Simply zoom in to see the lastest captured positions. This gives an overview of how the herd is moving.

Access historic positions

To display even more historical records, simply click on a particular collar. The trail length can be adjusted to any number of weeks and you can click on each such record to see date and time.

You can also export historic positions to a file. The exported data comes in the globally accepted CSV format and can be used in various other applications (Such as the Swedish RenGIS application).


Learn the herd's behavioural patterns

Get insights on how the herd is using the land

The OnTrack system analyses the herd's usage of the land. Historical GPS positions are summarized over time into a unit called Gracing Days (Betesdygn), which represents how long animals have dwelled in a particular area. These are presented on the map to show land usage for each month. The analyses are accessible right within the OnTrack app. Step between different months to see how the herd's land usage changes month per month - or press the play button for an animation.

Identify unusual behavior based on the herd's velocity

Sometimes it can be useful to know if the herd is moving faster or slower in certain areas. In our analysis, a mean value for the collar's speed of movement is calculated and presented for the various areas. By comparing the velocity values this can aid in detecting i. e. disturbances for the animals. Comparing the values over time can further help in understanding if behavior has changed because of outer factors. We have added windpower projects to the map by default, feel free to contact us if you wish to see other environmental factors of interest along with your analysis.

Use maps that provide a relevant context


Swedish & Norwegian topographic maps

Our Swedish map includes vegetation, snowmobile routes and reindeer corrals
(Source: Lantmäteriet & Kartverket)


World-wide satellite map

(Source: esri)


World-wide topographic map

(Source: esri)

...with additional information of interest


Windpower projects

See planned, ongoing and completed windpower projects in Sweden. How are your animals affected?
(Source: Länsstyrelsen)


Saami village information

Important dwelling areas for the herd, animal passages and Saami village borders in Sweden.
(Source: Sametinget, Länsstyrelsen)


Predator reports

See the latest reports regarding wolf, lynx (lodjur), bear and wolverine (järv) in Sweden and Norway. Are your animals nearby?
(Source: Open data from Rovbase)

And even more...

  • Mortality indication
  • Low battery indication
  • Temperature
  • Get help to find dropped collars
  • Export GPS records for a period of your choice
  • Multiple user accounts for each customer
  • Associate collars to specific users
  • Highlight your own collars
  • Give your own names to collars
  • Search collars by given name or serial number
  • List units in a table where you can perform even more operations...

Are you interested? Perhaps having ideas about additional features?

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