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The Tannak IoT Network is designed to collect data from thousands of IoT sensors spread across vast areas in a cost-effective way. The network is built up by a number of base stations placed on strategic locations in the terrain. Together with Tannak's unique network topology, the Tannak IoT Network is capable of forwarding sensor data over 600 km in extreme environments without the need of either power grids or mobile telephony networks.


Key characteristics

  • RUNS ENTIRELY ON SOLAR ENERGY AND BATTERY - Our base stations are completely autonomous and they do not require access to electricity or other existing infrastructure, all power is supplied by battery and solar cell.
  • REACH AREAS WITH NO  MOBILE NETWORKS PRESENT - An uplink to the Internet (such as mobile network coverage) is only required at a single base station in the network. This allows us to reach sensors where other cannot.
  • RUNS IN EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS - The network is proven in the arctic regions of northern Sweden. Specified temperature range is -40°C to +55 °C (-40°F to 131°F).
  • NETWORK DESIGNED TO SUPPORT THOUSANDS OF SENSORS - A single base station can currently collect data from up to 1024 units in a single hour.
  • VERY LARGE COVERAGE AREA - Each base station can normally collect tracking data within an area of about 30km, and additional base stations can easily be connected to expand the coverage area further (the actual range also depends on terrain, placement height and other factors).
  • MINIMIZE DATA TRANSMISSION FEES - The network gathers the sensor data to a single unit in the network before transmission to the Internet. Since the sensors themselves do not need direct Internet access, this significantly reduces the data transmission cost per sensor.
  • FORWARDING OF DATA IN-BETWEEN BASE STATIONS - The network can be used to reach remote areas. Individual base stations can communicate between each other on a distance of up to 125 km (77 miles). Together with Tannak's unique network topology, the Tannak IoT Network is capable of communicating over 600 km (370+ )in areas without access to either power grids or mobile telephony.
  • QUICK AND FLEXIBILE TO DEPLOY -  Due to the fact that our base stations are powered by solar cells, no cable pulling is required. This allows quick deployment and relatively low installation and maintenance costs. We are usually up and running within a day from arrival. In addition to our standalone base stations, it is also possible to deploy our base stations on existing infrastructure, such as buildings, wind turbines or other towers.

We extend our network in collaboration with our customers

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