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A GPS collar made to meet arctic challenges

Tannak International's tracking solution was invented from the ground up with the reindeer herder's needs in mind. This made us take a number of strategic decisions benefiting you as customer: It should be affordable, even when having hundreds or thousands of animals to track. It should endure even the harchest climates. It should overcome the lack of cellular network coverage that often characterizes remote regions. Last but not least, it should track the animals' GPS positions often and precise enough to be of great aid both in the animal herder's everyday life and in the process of understanding the herd's behavior over time.

Not limited to Mobile network coverage

We have effectively eliminated the need for expensive SIM cards and needing to deal with lacking mobile network coverage. Our collars are programmed to send it's data through our own network of base stations, which we plan the deployment of together with our customers. 

Over 2 years of battery life and still lightweight

The collar weight is only 250 grams but the battery still sustains the unit for over 2 years on a single charge - even in an arctic climate. This is because the data is transmitted through our own energy-effective network. The battery can be  recharged without opening up the unit using our wireless battery charger.


Protected against the environments

The collar is completely encapsulated and waterproof (IP67) to ensure avoidance of moist, dust or other issues. It's design also minimizes the collection of ice on the unit. The unit's antennas are all integrated in the device for best protection.

Can store positions for up to 4.5 years

The Collar collects it's GPS position, mortality status and other data 7 times a day, every day, year-round. If needed the Collar itself can store collected data for up to 4.5 years. Stored tracking information is transmitted every hour when within the reach of a Tannak base station and it can also be extracted from the Collar using a smartphone with NFC.

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