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We thrive where tracking is most difficult

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Reindeer tracking

Tannak International has more than 10 years of experience in the reindeer industry's challenges. Our animal tracking system is developed to meet the industry's demands for accessibility and robustness in extreme environments.

  • BEST BATTERY TIME with a LOW COLLAR WEIGHT: Over 2 YEARS battery time while providing 7 POSITIONS A DAY with a collar weight of ONLY 250g
  • COVERAGE in areas without GSM
  • NO NEED for sim cards or expensive satellite connections
  • LOWEST operating cost on the market
  • SPECIALIZED maps and analysis tools for the reindeer industry

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GPS collars for an arctic climate

Made to cope with the extreme environments of tundra reindeer in northern Sweden, our 2018 animal tracking collar takes nothing for granted.


Unique network solution

We extend our network in collaboration with our customers and can cost-effectively reach thousands of units even where cellular coverage is lacking.


App & analytics

Follow the herd with your smartphone, tablet or computer. The OnTrack system analyses the herd's usage of the land over time and it's movement speed in different areas.

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About us

Tannak International was founded to solve challenges with reindeer herding in northern Sweden. A very old and traditional industry's requirement pushed the company to develop an extraordinary high-tech solution.
Without original intent of doing so Tannak International today holds the keys to a cornerstone of device-to-device communication enabling energy and cost effective data collection from thousands of units.

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